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Sunday Score – Nerve cell damage , Lucinda Williams and more

I was reading a breathtakingly long article by Russell Cuzner on The Quietus (that I never did manage to get all the way through) and came across some very intriguing concept music. I don’t think I’ve stumbled across this stuff quite like this before, not to say it isn’t out there. Excitotoxicity is described as nerve cell damage due to over-stimulation (From what I gather it occurs from brain injury, stroke, overexposure to noise… things like that. I’m just pulling this info off the wikipedia article). The track is an artistic rendition of what the process might feel like if it were expressed entirely through sound. It’s some sort of collaboration project of a group of musicians, all of which I am entirely unfamiliar with. It’s certainly interesting though somewhat unsettling.

I’m not about to compete with what Tom Moon on NPR’s first listen has to say about Lucinda Williams upcoming album. I’ve given up being ashamed of being unaware of the music and musicians I’ve yet to discover, so I have no problem saying I’ve never heard a song by Williams in my life and have no idea what sort of context this work has with the rest of her work or the rest of music in general. I will say it’s nice to hear music sung by a woman who is no longer in her 20’s or 30’s or even 50’s. I feel like as a culture we hold youth in such high regard, especially in women, that we miss out on hearing something different. There is a feeling of grit, smokiness and toughness that comes through in these songs that I don’t think a young musician could pull off. Plus those guitars will wear a hole in your soul. This track below doesn’t appear to be on the album but it captures the feeling and sound none the less.

Lastly, from the depths of 4chan groove threads I bring you super smash brother dorkyness on a level that is often not encountered by mere mortals. Yes, I’ve listened to this upwards of 10 times this week. Enjoy.

Local Fridays – Wheelchair Sports Camp

I admit to not having heard this group before now. A big reason I wanted to do a recurring local music post was so I was forced to be exposed to more of it. I love hip-hop and rap music, and I am especially drawn to material that is off the beaten path. I get tired of some of the commonly used narratives and sounds and this definitely breaks out of those boxes. The MC and producer of the group is a queer identified woman who is also wheelchair bound, and she raps a lot about her life and issues that effect her and her community. It’s refreshing and fun to listen to and she’s not afraid to be a bit raunchy and edgy at times. And what can I say? It’s catchy stuff, I’ve listed to the first single listed below about 5 times now.


Throwback Thursday – Queen – Greatest Hits 1 & 2

queen My passion for Queen came at a time before I knew what was cool or not in music. I had both the albums on cassette, they were interchangeable, and I didn’t really listen to one more than the other. Me and my best friend Robert would sit for hours listening to them back to back.

Robert seemed to be drawn to that tough guy, “I’m not gonna take any crap from anyone” persona of Freddy Mercury, with songs like “We Will Rock You,” “Another One Bites the Dust,” and “Seven Seas of Rye.” I also recall him enjoying “I’m Going Slightly Mad” because I think he felt a bit labeled as eccentric even at the age of 11. Not to say that’s all he enjoyed, I remember belting out “Bohemian Rhapsody” with him many a time.

To me Queen was something I had to listen to. Sure I loved the sound, big chugging guitars, sugar sweet vocals and a lot of synthesizers in the background, but it was more than that. Everything was theatrical and big and important, and I enjoyed that. Freddy had a lot of sex appeal too. I didn’t really think of it in terms of being attracted to him, as I wanted to be like him (I’m not sure I knew what he looked like at the time). He sang about how sexy he thought fat women were. He sang about how he wanted everything in the world. He was totally unapologetic about who he was, who he loved and what he cared about, and people seemed to love him for it. If I think about it, Robert and I probably were more on the same page than I thought. I just never felt very tough and I imagined that Freddy Mercury didn’t either, he just didn’t care. Who knows if that was at all close to the truth. So often it is our own needs projected onto the music we listen to that gives us the meaning we want.

Feed Me – Feed Me’s Big Adventure

65479200-feed_me--feedThis album is a good example of how I’m a sound junkie. I can spend hours listening to these tracks, thinking about how to exactly to describe the bass sounds. The song White Spirit as a rough corrugated feel, like a galvanized electrical conduit, while the second to last track, Green Bottle, rumbles like a motorbike under an overpass. And then theres the rhythm of it all. I wish there was an apt way to describe the feeling when one’s brain connects the dots of a disjointed and chopped up song and puts it back together The third to last track Blood Red is what first grabbed me and put this album on repeat mainly because of this quality. I don’t think there’s anything eloquent or deeply cerebral about this music… it just grabs me and makes me want to listen. And that’s reason enough.

New Music Monday – Gucci Sweatshirt – Lazer Sword

gucci-sweatshirt-2A new week, more new music to listen to. Again I picked the album by looking at songs I had liked on spotify radio…. I admit I think it would be fun to get some suggestions from readers.

Gucci Sweatshirt: I’m not sure what I think about the slowed down vocals in the title track of this album. I like how disjointed and tumbley this song sounds. It reminds me of listening to cassette tapes as a child as my boombox threw up brown plastic ribbons, informing me that I had listened to the album far too much.

Gucci Sweatshirt – Lazer Sword ’09 Elextro Mix: Ok, now the first remix. I don’t know if electro is a different artist or just the title they used for this (maybe it’s a type of remix?). This one has a bit more of a beat to it and I think the female vocals kind of evoke more of a “I’m so not cool I’ve crossed over into the land of coolness” vibe. That seems to be the general idea behind this. I don’t know what exactly to call it, but I enjoy when the melodic lines sort of double as percussive or “beat” portions of the song. I hear a lot of that in dub step music, I’m not sure if this would qualify as dubstep… (looks like that’s a no)

Gucci Sweatshirt – Machinedrum Remix: Ok this is kind of silly. Lots of climatic building and someone saying “gucci sweatshirt” over and over again. I do like the lazer sounds in the background. I enjoy the sounds of this much more than the vocals.

Jet Black: Oh I like this one. There’s a water sloshing sound in the background and big thick high voltage sound (that’s what I’m going to call it). This does sound like someone is making music with lazers. I also like how the vocals are all chopped up and not very intelligible. I get a lot of gasps and breathing sounds coming through to me, it’s a bit sensual. I definitely dig the beat at 2:30 into the song. There’s a steady down beat but a lot of syncopated cross beats coming in, head nod producing stuff. I like this a lot more than the over ironic title track (no judgment on that… OK maybe I’m judging it a little).

Shot in the Nite: Wow! This has a big 80’s throwback feel to me. I like the kick drum sound in there. Definitely have to enjoy a bit of camp and over-the-top feeling to groove to this one. That transition into 2:05 was pretty awesome. Yeah I can’t decide if they’re trying really hard to be cool or trying really hard to be not cool. I think I like that.

Koopa Boss Mode: Oh yes! Some Bowser theme song. This is amazing. I suppose it’s easy to win me over with some Nintendo inspired music. I love the mixing of the samples with their own sound. They’re really good at using sounds that create really specific imagery. Ray gun sounds, razor sharp slices, bubbly warbles, fat bass whomps. I think that’s their strong suit.

I’m not sure I’m so much into the overly ironic lyrical message of “Gucci Sweatshirt” as I am all the different sound textures they’re producing, probably just because I’m so far removed from fashion that it doesn’t carry much emotional context for me. I’ve already caught myself listening to the last three tracks on repeat as I’m editing this… definitely the stuff that connects with me more.

Sunday Score – Slaanesh, Primus and other such nonsense

Well this is the first “Sunday Score” which is what I’m calling this because I like alliteration, and things. To explain: I find lots of music in spatterings throughout the Internet and I thought it would be fun for me to share them in a big long disjointed post that would be nearly impossible to categorize. So that’s what I’m doing (I’m also trying to write this while listening to this first track below, and it seems to be putting my brain waves in some sort of wobbly mode).

First up. The Dirge of Slaanesh. I really have no idea who created this music. Patric Bateman is the main character in American Psycho if you didn’t know, and the YouTube listing credits Serbian Film (which happens to be the title of this horrific movie I once watched, that is for but the strongest of hearts and stomachs). There’s some association with Warhammer 40K, which I have never played or followed. Anyhow, I found it on a groove thread on 4chan and I liked it enough to keep coming back to it. It’s mostly just big bass thrumming that sounds like columns of voltage, a “we will rock you”stomp and clap sort of beat, and some over-the-top speaking booming over it all. It’s fun, a little bit silly, and the comment sections of both the Youtube and soundcloud pages add to the dark mystique with remarks like “The silent embrace of death will welcome all to their tombs. Let all life be cleansed from this galaxy once again.”

Yes, I’m a Primus fan. So on Tuesday when I happened to come across a new song I was fairly excited. This is some sort of new reinterpretation of the music from the original Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.  It has that nice bumpy, bouncy bass guitar feel that Less Claypool does so well. And although I may be imagining it, the xylophone part at about 3 minutes in sounds like melody from Pink Floyd’s The Wall. I’ll be excited to listen the whole work when it comes out.

I’m a fairly long time fan of the villainous rapper MF doom. I’ve been watching some promotions of an upcoming collaboration album he’s creating with Bishop Nehru (I openly admit I’ve not heard of him before). They just put up a track on soundcloud for fans that are slathering at the mouth a month before the actual release date… I offer no judgment, but instead am just going to pass it along.

Also, it is apparently the international day of peace, and the chosen anthem seems to be Imagine by John Lennon. Yoko Ono who owns rights to the song put up the recording on her soundcloud page: